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My Biz Fits Me Business Mentoring

When your business mindset and strategies just don't fit.
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Don’t Settle For Less

Your Business isn’t a pair of jeans!

You know when you go to buy a pair of jeans in your size but every pair is either too small in the behind, to big in the legs or just don’t make you feel amazing?

That’s what it’s like trying to create a business these days.  You have a multitude of business coaches trying to fit you into their jeans.  Unfortunately, they aren’t the jeans in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

At My Biz Fits Me we don’t try to fit you into our jeans! We help you create your own!

Spring Forward

A Business Like No Other

When your business is suffering and you feel stuck, stagnant, in a rut or on the verge of giving up, yet you know there is so much more available for you, what do you do?

I bet you think of the overwhelming amount of coaches, advisors, VAs, or any other avenue that can help you spring forward.

There is an abundance of choices for you, so what makes My Biz Fits Me different?

Well the first thing is that you are getting mentoring from a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is running 6 business and has been through multiple coaches of their own.

Secondly, because of our experience, we help you get down to the bottom of your business from your perspective, a business perspective and your client perspective. Plus we help you create easy strategies that you enjoy!

Our Specialties

You were never meant to struggle on someone else’s path. You have always been destined to thrive on your own!

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What We Can Do For You

Just like any relationship there are 3 parts to a business.

1. Your business mindset

2. Your Ideal Client (IDC) mindset

3. The business itself.

Each of these things have a different focus and need.  We help you identify all 3 and create a business that not only suits you but has a clear plan to attract and support your IDC.

Social Media Audits

Social media crickets doesn’t mean they don’t like what your posting. Let’s see what yours is saying to your IDCs.

Website Audits

Your website should be attracting your IDC to learn more.  Is it attracting them in the right way for your business?

Business Mindset

Is your business expressing what you truly love or are you trying to fit into the mold? The mold really does make your business moldy!

Business Strategies

Do you like or even have a business strategy? How are you showing up and brining value to your IDCs? Does it feel cringy?

From Our Mentor

Don’t you think it’s time to make your business your own!

No matter who you are or what you are trying to create, the yearning is still the same.

A business that feeds your soul, that allows you to help others and share your passion.

A business that gives you freedom, security and purpose.

Why not let us at My Biz Fits Me help you stop the 5 step shuffle and just go from A to B?


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